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Nurturing Joy

Executive Chef of Mr. E Restaurant, Alexandros Tsiotinis, draws his inspiration from nature’s bounty and creates a series of nutritionally-calibrated snacks, that will bring into your home colourful memories of greek savours, help boost your health and entice you in a life of balance.

Chocolate cream


800gr ripe avocado, peeled
250gr honey
100gr pecan nuts
100gr cocoa
50gr molasses
50gr dried apricots
50gr dates
Zest from 2 oranges
1 soup spoon vanilla extract
Sea salt


Beat the avocados until they become a cream and then add the remaining ingredients.
If the cream is too tight, add some orange juice.
Add the cream on top of the base that you have previously baked and sprinkle with the pecans.
Cover with a transparent film and leave the tart in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

Strawberry salad with kefir sauce, mint, poppy seed and maple syrup

Ingredients for the salad

10 strawberries cut in half
3 mint leaves
Powdered sugar

Ingredients for the kefir sauce

100gr kefir
15gr poppy seeds
20gr maple syrup


Cut the strawberries in half and dust with powdered sugar.
Cut the mint into chunks and pour over the strawberries.
Mix all the ingredients of the sauce.
Put the kefir sauce in a bowl, the strawberries on top and finally add some granola.

Cereal bars with dried fruit and cocoa tahini


250gr dates
120gr honey
200gr porridge
120gr tahini cocoa
coarsely chopped almonds


raisins, banana chips, vanilla, dried fruit, chocolate tears, coconut


Beat the dates in the blender. Put the porridge in the oven together with the nuts for 10min (to roast)
Place in a bowl and add the honey with the peanut butter which we have previously warmed slightly. Mix to obtain a solid paste.
Place a baking paper in a baking tray. 
Spread the mixture and press with a second piece of baking paper so that it spreads evenly.

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