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Hidden Gems of Paros

Discover Paros through our eyes. Strongly attached to our local community, we have partnered with travelgems to travel with your mind while uncovering our list of the most curated experiences on the island.

Paros Fishing Trips
Piso Livadi, T: +30 698 347 2254, parosfishingtrips
Serves the best local fish soup – you can taste it during a ride with the boat “Panagia” of a local fisherman, Nikitas. A well worth ride with the gift of local gourmet cooking.

Cooking Classes:
πetra, Kolympithres,
Kamarantho, Kamari,

Moraitis, Naoussa, T: +30 22840 51350
Moraitiko, Naoussa, T: +30 22840 51920

Discover Greek Culture, Paros / Antiparos tours, Kostas Koulikis
T: +30 211 21 53 585, E:  

Guide Tour, Avgi Kaloyianni, T: +30 697 2210971

Studio Yria Arts & Crafts by Stelios Gkikas, Kostos, T: +30 2284 029007

MX Ceramics by Maria Chatzinikolaki, Naoussa,

Looming or “Argaleios” in Greek by Marigoula, T: +30 693 6563877

The Valley of Butterflies, Petaloudes, 
T: +30 22840 91211

Best Sunset Spot – Parikia, Frankish Castle / Archeological Museum

Festival of Karavolas, Lefkes, every 15th August
A popular festival during which one can taste chickpeas roasted in a “skountavlo” – a traditional dish known as “revithada”

Local Products

Best Vegetables, Kamarantho Active Organic Farm, Kamari, T: +30698834192,
Guided tours, tasting of products and products’ market.
Best Olive Oil, Alissafi Winery, domain Adam, Naoussa, Kamares, T: +30 6977486526,
150 olive trees certified for organically grown Κoroneiki variety olives.
Best Cheese, To Parion, T: +30 6973525591,
Best Rosé Wine, Moraitico, Naoussa, “To Rodi – Malagouzia”, T: +30 22840 51920,
Best Sweet Wine, Moraitis Winery, Naoussa, “Malvasia – P.D.O. Paros”, T: +302284051350,
This winery also has a wine bar in the main square of Naoussa. 
Best Souma – a local Greek “grappa”, T: +30 2284051457
Can be found in the butcher’s shop Antonis Daveronas in Naoussa.
Best Honey:
– Ek Paktias, Kostos, Angelo Pitsikalis & Elissavet Bogiatzi, T: +30 22840 29006,
Two-star awarded thyme honey.
– Stavros & Aleka Frantzi, Marpissa, T: +30 22840 42937
– Kostas Vionis, T: +30 22840 21614
– Antonis Skiadas, T: +30 22840 91240
Local Beer – 56 Isles, Paros Microbrewery, Naoussa, T: +30 2284 051102,
Best Almond Cookies, Cafe Nikitas, Marpissa, T: + +30 2284 042230 
Best Bread, Xilofournos, Isterni,
Best Oregano – to bring home with you, Petra Farm, Kolympithres, T: +30 6944311988,

Discover the most beautiful villages of Paros

The island’s modern-day capital, Parikia, overflows with shops, restaurants, and cafes, and features a main square that overlooks the port which channels visitors via ferry to and from the rest of Greece’s island county. Ancient ruins, like the 13th century Frankish Castle, pepper the town with glimpses of the island’s storied past, and ensure expeditions offer equal value in culture and leisure. The most special moment of the day: watch the monumental sunset from the Frankish castle, that turns the skies into a riot red and pinks as the sun sets behind the sea.

Further inland lies the mountain village of Lefkes, a scenic 15-minute drive away and characterized by the island’s distinct white windmills, craggy quarries and whitewashed properties. Here, in Paros’ first capital, the island’s history appears frozen in time, with rickety tavernas, leaning houses and winding marble-paved streets and alleys all surviving — and thriving — centuries on. A deep-seated tradition of ceramic production in the town brings to life a number of local workshops and studios; most notably YriaCeramics and the Lefkes Ceramic Workshop, both of which produce pieces inspired by the area.

Conversely, Naoussa, a traditional fishermen village, bustles day and night and attracts visitors to its many bars, tavernas and boutiques, while its small churches, fishing boats and busy main square offer plenty to explore. A mere 10-minute drive from Parīlio & Acron Villas, the town is the island’s undisputed lifestyle and nightlife hub.


Ekatontapyliani Church, Parikia 
Situated in Parikia, capital of Paros and founded in the early 4th century AD. Its name “Ekatontapiliani” means the Church with the Hundred Doors. According to tradition, the church has 99 doors and a secret door will open when the church of Hagia Sofia in Constantinople will be Orthodox again.
Monastery of Agios Antonios, Marpissa 
Founded in 1597 and is one of the oldest monasteries on the island. It has been inhabited by monks since 1642 but closed in 1834, due to the small number of monks in situ. In spring, the monastery is open to the public and tours are offered.
The Frankish Castle, Parikia
Built in the 1200s on what scholars believed to be the basis of an ancient temple, which is dated all the way back to 530 BC. It stands out for its splendid architecture. Needless to say, a visit to Paros is incomplete without a visit to this magnificent castle which stands as mute testimony to the rich virile past of Paros.
Ancient marble quarries, Marathi
An interior road from Lefkes and Marpissa that leads to the renowned marble quarries of Marathi, in Paros. This is the place where one of the finest varieties of marble is found. Some of the all-time great masterpieces like the world-famous Venus de Milo and Hermes were sculpted using the Parian marble.
Agios Georgios, o Thalassitis, Logaras
A small one-aisled basilica, built between the 13th and 14th century. It is located between the villages of Piso Livadi and Logaras and is one of the 4 chapels of the Byzantine period that have been preserved in Paros. The frescoes inside the temple are the oldest in Paros, unfortunately they have suffered great and irreparable damage.

Achillea Gallery, Parikia
The Achillea Gallery in Paros is an annex to the corresponding gallery in Paris under the direction of Anne Bateson. Its name is associated with the healing plant Achilles, which, according to Greek mythology, gave Heron the centaur to the hero Achilles to heal the wounds of the Myrmidons with his leaves.
Folklore Art Museum of Cycladic Civilization, Aliki
Curated by Benetos Skiadas, a traditional local artist. He has depicted Cycladic history with large miniatures of ships and important buildings with unrivaled art and workmanship. Visitors can admire his creations of the Cycladic tradition into a beautiful garden full of olive trees, amaranths and woodbine.
Archaeological Museum, Parikia
The Archaeological Museum of Paros was founded in 1960. Its findings date from the Neolithic period to early Christianity, and include: the Nike of Paros, The Fat Lady of Saliagos (that inspired Parīlio’s logo), several Cycladic figurines, mosaics, the Archaic marble statue Gorgon, the poet Archilochus, amphorae from a Parian workshop, deities and many more.
Kapopoulos Fine Arts, Naoussa
With years of experience in the field of art, it offers original works of art by the most famous Greek and international artists, such as Alekos Fassianos, Pavlos (Dionysopoulos) Mina Valyraki, Mr. Brainwash, Richard Orlinski, Alec Monopoly, Laurence Jenkell and many others.
Perantinos Sculpture Museum, Marpissa
Housed in a beautiful neoclassical building and located on the hill of Marpissa, on the east side of Paros. Nikos Perantinos was a sculptor and graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Paris. In 1941, he was appointed permanent sculptor of the Archaeological Museum, where he performed major restorations on ancient sculptures.  He was a teacher of simplicity and the classical form, who won many awards and distinctions for his excellent work.


Kolymbithres, very popular, fully wind protected, sandy, organized, snacks and drinks, 15 mins walking from Parīlio & AcronVillas, or 5 mins by car
Monastiri or Ai Yannis Detis, sandy, organized, beach bar, scheduled events
Mikri Santa, sandy, organized, easily accessible by car
Santa Maria, sandy, organized, beach bars, water sports
Laggeri, a popular beach, sandy, accessible by car and light hiking, 2 km from Naoussa

Ambelas, sandy, organized, with relatively shallow waters
Aliki, windless, pebbles, clean blue waters
Molos, sandy, crystal clear, windless, trees, Natura protected
Farangas, sandy, organized, crystal clear waters
Pounta, sandy, organized, easily accessible, beach bar
Kalogeros, sandy, clay – rich, secluded
Chrissi Akti/Golden Beach, sandy, organized, water sports
Nea Chrissi Akti/New Golden Beach, sandy, restaurants, water sports
Lolantonis, sandy and pebbles
Dryos, dense vegetation, beach bars, taverns
Piso Livadi, sandy with trees, easily accessible, restaurants
Logaras, sandy, trees, taverns

Marcelo, sandy, organized, beach bars, easily accessible
Pounta, sandy, organized, water sports, easily accessible
Krios, 2km from Parikia, next to Fokas beach, Krios church

Beach Bars

Monastiri Paros Park
Mikri Santa Maria
Santa Maria

Aspro Seaside, Ambelas
Blue, Golden Beach
The Beach Project, Golden Beach
The Cliff, Lolantonis

Marcelo Beach Bar
Arodo, Krios
Palm Beach, Agia Irini, 4km from Parikia

Cafés & Bars

Pool Bar, Parīlio Hotel, Kolymbithres
Agosta, bar
Linardo, club
Barbarossa, café-bar/restaurant
Fotis Art Café, all-day café Karino, all-day café
Sommaripa Consolato, all-day café 
Sousouro, all-day café 
Vitaminas, all-day café 
Santé, Ayios Ioannis Naoussa, cocktail-bar

Ramnos, Lefkes village, café bar

Restaurants around Parīlio & Acron Villas/ Naoussa

Mr. E, Kolympithres,
Legendary Mr. E invites you to taste the island’s famed gastronomic legacy and connects with the local Parian cuisine that pays tribute to old traditional recipes and local produce. It serves fresh, seasonal Greek cuisine in a space embraced by a verdant natural environment and ample Cycladic light, surrounded by the wild beauty of Paros’s pastoral landscape.
Barbarossa, Naoussa,
In the picture-perfect port of Naoussa, Barbarossa restaurant transforms traditional tastes to artful, gourmet dishes, paired with high level service and a see-and-to-be-seen scene!
Giacomo, Naoussa,
Sister restaurant to the Athens based Giacomo, located in Naoussa’s Little Venice and offering authentic Italian flavours, overlooking the water.
Kafenio Palia Agora, Naoussa
In this small family tavern, they serve the best tarama salad.
Kolympithres Tavern, Kolympithres
Best baked chickpeas next to the famous beach of Kolympithres.
Le Sud, Naoussa,
You can savor French gourmet dishes in the garden, experiencing its innovative menu. The ingredients are fresh and most of them local. 
Mario Restaurant, Naoussa,
Best tuna fish, fresh and delicious.
Romantica, Naoussa
Typical taverna, with traditional Greek cuisine. The restaurant is famous for its meat dishes.
Sigi Ikthios, Naoussa,
Typical tradition greek restaurant, with meat dishes, fish, pasta and ethnic. Do not miss the grilled tenderloin.
Soso, Naoussa,
A typical taverna, with an atmosphere of a modern restaurant, while the type of cuisine you will get is international with a modern touch. Do not miss the pork dishes.
Stilvi, Naoussa,
Beautiful backyard in the inner side of Naoussa that brings a Mykonos vibe in Paros. Mediterranean cuisine with great meat and fish. Options. The music gets louder as the evening goes by.
Statheros Meze, Naoussa,
The daughter of the famous Greek chef Argiro Barbarigou opened this restaurant a few years ago showcasing her mother’s and yiayia’s recipes.  Small terrace overlooking the port houses a few tables for a romantic evening.
Yemeni, Naoussa,
Traditional meze place with a well-curated menu. Nikos, the Parian owner, lets you know about the dishes of the day, and tells you which ones are cooked with chemical-free fruits & vegetables from his family’s produce. His mother and wife help in the kitchen to ensure that you taste homemade meals.
Tsachpinis Ouzeri, Naoussa,
Best locally sun-dried and then grilled mackerel – called Gouna.

Restaurants around the island

Aspro, Ambelas,
At this seaside restaurant, fusion cuisine meets seafood specials and pairs with a rich wine list. Great for lunch after a cool dive. In busy evenings of July and August, a DJ set creates a party vibe right on the beach.
Christiana Restaurant, Ambelas
They serve the best fish by their fishermen, which one can enjoy at their veranda next to the sea.
Halaris, Piso Livadi,
Right on the harbor, in Halari’s ouzeri get ready for a seafood feast accompanied with ouzo. Octopus, shrimps, squids and fish create the best meze in a family atmosphere.
Kalitechniko Kafeneio, Prodromos
An all-day traditional Greek café 
Levantis, Parikia,
A unique courtyard garden shaded by a two-hundred-year-old grape vine which is abundant with green leaves and clusters of purple grapes in the summer months and simple, whitewashed interior with splashes of modern art create a polished setting for some of the Cyclades’ finest contemporary Greek cuisine with modern Mediterranean twists and flavors.
To Thalami, Ambelas,
A typical greek meze place located on Ambelas beach, with very beautiful views. Don’t miss the grilled calamari and grilled octopus.
Thalassamou, Piso Aliki,
An idyllic scenery unfolds before your eyes and an amazing culinary experience on your plate, in this sea-side restaurant. All of the above are attributed to Marios Salmatanis’ vast experience and creativity. 
Tsitsanis, Prodromos,
The oldest tavern still operating on Paros. It was established in 1969 by the parents of Vlassis who today runs this family business. It follows the “farm to table” philosophy, using mostly seasonal produce locally grown in the family farm.
Siparos Seaside, Santa Maria, 
This seaside elegant restaurant offers a variety of fresh Greek and Mediterranean dishes that have made it a popular culinary destination. Watching the sunset from the restaurant is a nice way to spend an evening; the views are spectacular.

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